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We offer our customers the best in service coupons and discounts on regular services, parts, and accessories that you're looking for, but we also want to help the people who choose Vickar Mitsubishi as their dealership know more about their car and get more out of their Mitsubishi.

Check out our frequently asked service questions below and let us know if want to know anything else about your Mitsubishi!

We've all felt it. The nagging pulling or subtle jolt that stops us from staying on the straight and narrow.The source of your car pulling to one side is likely a simple fix that we can help with, but if left undiagnosed could lead to bigger (and more costly) problems down the road.Are your tires fully inflated? If one side or even a single tire is uneven with lower tire pressure it can make your drive a little one sided. If tires aren't inflated to the right level it also puts a big strain on the tread wear, so get it checked when you're visiting us (or at a gas station if you're feeling it on the road).When did you have your brakes checked? The calipers are an important part of the system that stops your car in its tracks, and like any part of your vehicle they can get stuck or worn. If a caliper is stuck you can have uneven pressure on your brake pads, and brake problems can spell trouble on the road.Contact us in seconds to ask us what you can do or to book a much needed service appointment in Winnipeg at our Regent location.

Another reason your car may be shaking or moving the wheel when driving is if your wheel alignment is off.Your car's wheels do amazing things to help you drive from point A to point B, but they need a little love as well to keep taking you where you need to go.With Winnipeg's terrible potholes and bumpy roads it's easy to have your alignment move from where it needs to be, which can cause uneven wear on your tires and poor handling when you're driving.To get your vehicle back in shape we use precision equipment to help point your wheels where they need to be going and ensure that the angle is right when you hit the road.




Vickar Mitsubishi offers battery testing and replacements with purchase as part of our regular inspections because we know that your battery is the heart of your car and a fully charged battery is essential to keep you driving.
Your battery is key to sending electricity to your engine and starting your car. No one wants to get stuck with a dead battery, so look for the common signs that your battery could use replacing including seeing your car's battery light on the dashboard, a slow or laboured sound when starting the ignition, inspecting your battery for signs of leakage, a swollen battery casing, or even the corrosive smell of battery acid.While your battery can last from 3 to 5 years it's best to check it annually for signs of wear. Contact our service department to book now.
When you step on the brake pedal you need your vehicle to take quick
action to bring your travel to a stop.If any part of your brake system is off your brakes will fail to make important connections which could result in your inability to stop when required.  If your brake pedal feels "spongy" or you find it necessary to push it
all the way to the boards in order to stop then your car is trying to tell you something.Replacing your brake pads when you hear the squealing noise of a worn-down brake pad, if your brake light is visible or when an inspection reveals signs of wear can save you time and money in the long run. Let us know if you're worried about a specific issue any time you contact us online or book your regular appointment and we will help!