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The Vickar Mitsubishi Super Centre Referral Program is our way of thanking you for sharing your positive experiences with your friends and family and recommending our dealership. This isn’t a regular sized thank you either, it’s a BIG one, because we appreciate you!

Participating in the program is simple, if someone you know is in the market for a vehicle, send them our way, if it results in a sale you get $300! This only works if they mention you by name before the deal is done.

When you send someone to us, we will give them the same great service we gave you!

Does getting $300 sound good to you? Here are some tips that will improve your chances of taking advantage of this exciting opportunity:

  • Everyone you know is a potential car buyer, it is always possible.
  • Keep your ears open, if someone mentions something about needing a vehicle take note.
  • Talk to people from church, work, social functions teams or clubs.
  • Make the first move, tell people about your excellent experience with us and if they like what they hear, suggest they pay us a visit!

It's a pleasure doing business with you!