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Vickar Mitsubishi believes in honesty and transparency with our customers. For that reason, we post reviews of our Sales and Service departments here in one place so you can see how other customers have experienced our dealership.  We are very proud to play an important role in the decision process of buying the right car. It's in never easy, that is why our experienced staff is trained to walk through every step on the way.  Because we want to get you the car of your dreams. As a result the customer is happy, which means we did our job.


Top notch service once again today 👏 ! Highly recommend. Really really made a cold bitter week so much better by your Service Team. Thank you for everything - was great to see you today!

Corrinne Mitchell

2 weeks ago

The nicest people in town, Vickar Mitsubishi is a brand you can trust. Francis was super professional and friendly and went out of his was to help and support me. Robert was amazing in making the deal and figuring out the right numbers and lastly Lori was really great and helped me in understanding the whole process. All in all, im very satisfied with my purchase as well as how the team here helped me in my purchase and other paperwork for insurance and plates. Highly recommended!

Umer Shami

a month ago

Austin at Vickar Mitsubishi went above and beyond to set me up with an economical alternative to my Ford F150 and to ensure I could get a fair trade price for my vehicle. The whole process was speedy, friendly and very professional. I can easily recommend Vickar Mitsubishi to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle. Very excited to drive the new ride. Thank you Austin! Thank you Vickar Mitsubishi!

Christopher Yacucha

2 months ago

Vickar Mitsubishi has one of the best customer service I've seen. I came in looking for a vehicle and was helped by Francis and Robert (the manager). I did not know anything about cars, so they took their time and effort and showed me some cars that would fit my everyday life. I was given the option of the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander SE and I was so pleased with the car. I used to have a Toyota and Honda, but now that I have experienced the ultimate customer service and one of the best cars. I will never go back.

Ashley Salvador

3 months ago

Your sales agent is one of the best... You need more of this guy in your company..Thank so much Ricky Yasay.. finance mgr is awesome too.

Dwaine the Winnipegger

7 months ago

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