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2022 Mitsubishi Mirage

2022 Mitsubishi


From $14,098 1

  • Outstanding fuel efficiency

  • Reliable and practical

  • Easy manoeuvring

6.2L/100 KM

Fuel Efficiency

Combined 2#






160,000 KM

Powertrain Limited Warranty**

Maximum compact

Go Anywhere, Do Anything

The stylish and roomy 2022 Mirage will have you out and about, picking up friends, zipping off for coffee and living your busy life with fewer gas stops along the way. The tight turning radius makes narrow city streets seem bigger and parking anywhere a breeze.


More Driving, Less Fuelling

Featuring a highly efficient 1.2L 3-cylinder engine, the available Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), sleek aerodynamics and a lightweight design, the 2022 Mirage is leading the way with CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency. This engine rocks an impressive combined 6.2 L / 100 km so you can go as far as you want, making it better for the environment AND your wallet.

Advanced safety features

Get There Safely

We take your safety seriously. That’s why we’ve equipped the compact 2022 Mirage with the latest safety features for added confidence and peace of mind on every road.



This system warns you when a car or pedestrian is in front of you. If brakes are not applied and the risk of frontal collision is imminent, Forward Collision Mitigation automatically applies moderate to emergency braking to reduce the severity of a collision – or prevent one altogether.


The Lane Departure Warning System uses an onboard camera to continuously monitor your current lane position and gives you an audible and visual alert if it detects your vehicle leaving the lane unintentionally.


The 2022 Mirage detects light levels of oncoming vehicles and automatically switches the headlights between low and high beam – a welcome safety feature when driving on dimly lit roads.

Seating and cargo

Take a Seat at the Head of the Class

Despite its compact size, the Mirage’s versatile cargo space makes it an ideal ride for day trips in the city or a getaway in the country. 2022 Mirage provides up to 484 L (17.1 cu. ft.) of cargo space behind the rear seat and 1,331 L (47 cu. ft.) of cargo space with the seats folded down for plenty of storage configurations. Make packing easy and take whatever you need along for the ride!.


Turn Heads and Corners

Navigating the city has never been easier. The 2022 Mirage is a compact car with big impact. With an impressively sharp 4.6-metre turning radius, you’ll never meet a parking spot you can’t conquer. For more road responsiveness, Active Stability Control gives you extra confidence in wet and winding roads, and Hill Start Assist lets you rise with the road without rolling back.


Wired for Fun and Adventure

The 2022 Mirage’s Smartphone Display Audio system (SDA) has an easy-to-use 7-inch touchscreen that brings all the functionality of your smartphone to your car. Keep on top of your directions, messages and music with Apple CarPlay® , Android Auto™ and Bluetooth® technology. The Mirage really offers a fully connected driving experience.

Upgraded Style

Don’t Skim On Your Trim

This limited edition offers a sporty finish without compromising on practicality. Enhance the sharp looks with front-to-back carbon fibre accessories, a sporty red grille accent and stylish black wheel covers. The 2022 Mirage Carbon Edition looks as bold as you’ll feel driving it. US model shown.


Compact Vehicle, Huge Warranty

We've got your back.

At Mitsubishi Motors, we take such pride in the quality of our work that we back our vehicles with the most comprehensive, best-in-class warranties available: A 10-year/160,000 km Powertrain Limited Warranty, a 10-year/160,000 km New Vehicle Limited Warranty, and 10-year/Unlimited km Roadside Assistance.

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