Vickar Mitsubishi Referral Program

The Vickar Mitsubishi Referral Program is our way of thanking you for sharing your positive experiences with your friends and family and recommending our dealership.


When you refer a friend or family member, you have our commitment to treat them with the same exceptional level of respect and dedication you received.


Successful referrals that result in a sale will earn you cash rewards. This gives you the opportunity of earning enough cash to pay for some or all of your car payments, or you could use the cash to donate to a charity that is important to you, or whatever other use you choose. After all, it is CASH!


You will receive a cash reward for successfully referring a friend, family member or co-worker to our dealership. A successful referral results in a vehicle sale.


Vickar Mitsubishi will pay you a cash reward each time one of your friend or family member referrals purchases or leases a vehicle! And the more people that you refer, the more cash you can receive.


At Vickar Mitsubishi, we love referrals and we say thank you with cash!


1st Referral

2nd Referral$100
3rd Referral$150
4rd Referral$150
5rd Referral$200
6rd Referral$200
7rd Referral$250
8rd Referral$250
9rd Referral$300
10rd Referral$350
Additional Referral$350


Referrals get reset at the beginning of each year.


How to Identify Referrals?


People often talk about their vehicles - ones they have or the ones they want! This provides a friendly opportunity for you to mention your salesperson at the dealership.


Here are some tips that may be helpful:


- Always remember EVERYONE you know is a potential buyer
- Listen for people who are talking about buying
- Talk to people from church, work, social functions, clubs or teams
- Tell your friends about your personal experience with Vickar Mitsubishi




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